I am strong because I am relentless, not because I am hopeful!

Waking up at 8:00 am this morning, stretching long head to toe, slowly putting my feet on the floor, opening the curtains one by one, and hugging the bright ray of sun beaming through my window – all with a smile. But did I go to bed last night with a smile? No. How about the day before? Nope, I did not. It was a terrible day, terrible week, a terrible month. So you would ask, what is different today? Did the sun shine brighter this morning, maybe it was the crisp of air that made me happy, maybe I had a pleasant dream last night, or maybe I was hopeful today…but, shockingly, none of this happened…what was it then?

It was relentlessness!! Yeah, I’m might sound totally crazy here, but it was that. Bernard Williams said, “There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.” While I agree with this, I often wonder if “hope” is really & always enough? Does it add enough calm to our trembling minds, wavering bodies, and confused souls? And I end up thinking maybe yes, maybe it does, and it is a great gift to have, but not enough without relentlessness. Because relentlessness is the only thing you have when the last thing you had was hope. Hope is for you, but relentlessness is you, it is within you, it has made you. Only you see it and only you can make the mountains move with it.

I woke up with a smile today not because my day was going to be any different or not because I was “hoping” it to go better. My smile simply meant that no matter how you (referring to today) turn out to be, I am ready to take you on, not with hope, but with the determination, perseverance, persistence, tenacity, belief, and resiliency that I have and have always had towards myself and within me. 

I am strong because I am more relentless than I am hopeful. Because one can crush my hope & dreams but what keeps me together (with a smile) is my relentlessness! 

Be a warrior, because warriors don’t hope, they work for it relentlessly.  Ask yourself every day, am I hopeful? Or am I relentless? 

Yours truly,

‘Real’ly Inspiring!

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